Pmount with graphical interface (gui)

If you use IceWM desktop, there would be good if there is some application which mounts and unmounts USB-sticks and CDs and DVDs easily. One option is to use pmount with craphical interfase.

I made deb-packages from sources which can be found from

I made a little changes as replaced pcmanfm using zzzfm in desktop file. Pmount-gui-ng works at least in antiX and ExeGnu Linux. In Mint or Ubuntu, Pmount-gui-ng does not work.

Install correct package to your system. If you install 32-bit package to 64-bit system, installer install huge amount of 32-bit libraries too.

Be careful when installing

amd64 = 64-bit
i386 = 32-bit
i686 = 32-bit

Command uname -a tells your system architecture

Add toolbar launcher using icewm-toolbar-icon-manager

NOTE! Mechanical USB-hard drive does not stop spinning even it is unmounted, so if you want to remove it, use some other method. Pmount Gui is for mounting and unmounting, not removing.