Planner for PCLinuxOS

RPM packager for PCLinuxOS, wich are made using Alien from deb-packages. The contents:

libart-2.0-2-2.3.21-4.x86_64.rpm planner-data-0.14.6-6.noarch.rpm
libgnomecanvas2-0-2.30.3-4.x86_64.rpm planner-doc-0.14.6-6.noarch.rpm
libgnomecanvas2-common-2.30.3-4.noarch.rpm README

The package: rpm-packages-for-pclinuxos.tar.gz

For getting planner to work in openSUSE Leap 15,2, is needed to add libraries to /usr/local/lib folder as an administrator. After that need to add the next line to the ~/.bashrc file


… and then run

sudo ldconfig -v

The required libraries: extralibraries-for-opensuse.tar.gz