Copying the running system folder and backup home folder

sudo rsync -av –exclude={/proc,/dev,/media,/mnt,/sys,/tmp,/home} // /path/destination

cd /path/destination

sudo mkdir proc dev media mnt sys home

Backup home folder

sudo tar -cjvf backup.tar.bz2 –exclude=backup.tar.bz2 –exclude=/lost+found –exclude=/media –exclude=/mnt –exclude=/boot –exclude=/bin –exclude=/dev –exclude=/etc –exclude=/lib –exclude=/opt –exclude=/proc –exclude=/root –exclude=/run –exclude=/sbin –exclude=/selinux –exclude=/srv –exclude=/sys –exclude=/tmp –exclude=/usr –exclude=/var /

Backup goes the current home folder and from there it can copy/extract where is needed.

PS. WordPress shows the commands wrong, so read rhe right commands here.