Simple Search program or script

Simple search is a utility for finding files easily. Set word to search and then select the path. The result comes as a text-file, which opens in your default text-editor. If you run Simple Search from the script, default path is the place where the script is placed. If you run Simple Search as an installed program, default path is your $HOME folder.

If you want to translate this app to your own language, you can make locale files using Poedit from about-locale/simple-search.pot file. Poedit makes po and mo files, and if mo-file is placed into /usr/share/locale/your-locale-here , the program or script works using your own locale. Of cource I can re-build the program if I have got the required locales. Only finnish locale is available at this moment.

simple-search-deb-package-and -script

simple-search-02-all.deb is made for Linux Mint Mate and others where xdg-open does not work with the script. simple-search-01-all.deb is working in antiX. Difference between 01 and 02 is that xdg-open is replaced using Pluma.

simple-search-deb-package-and -script-V02