Opera 51 installation fix in Mint 17, LMDE and Ubuntu 14.04 based systems

It seems that new Opera has a dependency problem with libdbus-1-3 in the DEBIAN/control file. Opera 52 installation fix is to edit that file by removing (>= 1.9.14) after libdbus-1-3 and then build a new package. An example about building the fixed package:

1. Extract an original package

2. Edit DEBIAN/control file

3. Build a fixed package from a edited package

sudo chown root:root -R build-folder

An example:

sudo chown root:root -R opera-stable_51.0.2830.40_amd64

sudo dpkg -b build-folder fixed.deb

An example:

sudo dpkg -b opera-stable_51.0.2830.40_amd64 opera-stable_51.0.2830.40_amd64-fixed.deb

Probably automatic opera-update does not work with Mint 17, so you need to upgrade Opera by hand.

To get Opera

Opera archive

Opera archive (unofficial?)

The same issue and fix works also with Linux Mint Debian (LMDE).

EDIT 12.6.2018

FINALLY the bug is fixed, and Opera install and upgrades automatically in Mint 17 and LMDE too. :)

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